The Phoenix G2 VoiceAlert is a computer-automated dispatch module that assists public safety dispatchers during an emergency call by taking over the task of reading dispatch information aloud.

VoiceAlert is an alternative to a human manually speaking dispatch information for each call. The speech is generated in a fraction of a second and sent to individual stations immediately, freeing up contention for a single dispatcher audio channel. The dispatcher is relieved of a time-consuming task, freeing valuable time for other critical tasks or calls.

The VoiceAlert speech engine produces a calm, crystal-clear male or female voice, delivered digitally or through a voice radio system from the dispatch center to the G2 ATX Station Controller, and then played in specified regions of the fire station over G2 Illuminated Speakers.

Manage in the Communications Gateway Dashboard

Adding and editing the pronunciation of new words is easy with the Voice Editor component of the Communications Gateway Dashboard.

The Voice Editor component of the Phoenix G2 Communications Gateway Dashboard
Editing a word's pronunciation is easy in the Phoenix G2 VoiceAlert Editor

Listen to real VoiceAlert dispatches

See how automated voice dispatch works in a real fire station

Watch this short video to see how the G2 ATX Station Alerting Controller uses VoiceAlert to play crisp, clear dispatch audio throughout a station.

Learn about the G2 ATX Station Controller

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