Press Release: USDD Demos New Products at FDIC 2019, Touts Benefits of Fire Station Alerting

At FDIC 2019, USDD will unveil the OmniAlert Strobe Speaker and G2 Room Remote 2 with Axis video doorbell integration

Next week (April 8-13), during FDIC International’s annual trade show gathering of fire service industry professionals, US Digital Designs will offer ample evidence why, since its release more than 15 years ago, its Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System has taken the fire safety industry by storm, becoming the system of choice for fire agencies around the globe.

At FDIC booth No. 4232, USDD will also take the opportunity to demonstrate its latest station alerting peripherals, the OmniAlert Strobe Speaker and the G2 Room Remote 2 integration with the Axis video doorbell—both of which offer visual and audible alerting announcements during an automated dispatch. In addition, USDD will showcase its FSA Mobile Alerting App, among other peripherals.

“We’re very gratified that USDD’s G2 Fire Station Alerting System continues to earn the most trust and business in public safety,” said Dominic Magnoni, USDD’s Vice President and General Manager. “We’re also proud that, in our more than 15 years serving the fire service industry, we’ve replaced every major station alerting system manufacturer. There now are more than 4,000 Phoenix G2 systems in North America alone, and no customer has ever replaced our system with another. This is owing to its exceptional value, quality performance, mission-critical reliability—not to mention our extraordinary customer support service and word-of-mouth referrals.”

Benefits of the Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System:

Following are some of the principal reasons the Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System has had such widespread acceptance and success. The system:

  • Helps stations shave valuable seconds—even minutes—off of response times, helping meet or exceed NFPA 1710 recommendations.
  • Delivers automatic dispatch alerts simultaneously to one or multiple stations in less than a second, helping to reduce and/or eliminate dispatcher “on-hold” time.
  • Dispatches alerts to fire stations automatically, thereby reducing dispatcher stress and workload, freeing up dispatchers to communicate with callers and manage the dispatch process more successfully.
  • Increases firefighter situational awareness and mental preparedness by using clear, consistent station alerting vocals, helping first responder units react more quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduces cardiac stress, anxiety, optical shock and sleep deprivation among firefighters. The ramped tones and zoned alerting only notify required stations and/or individual units.
  • Decreases homeowner insurance rates by offering higher-quality area fire protection, which can contribute to a lower community ISO Public Protection Class rating.

For more information on the Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System and its peripherals, visit US Digital Designs at FDIC International in booth 4232, or call +1-602-687-1730. Also, for a copy of the brand-new 2019 USDD product catalog, you may download it here or pick one up at the booth.

About US Digital Designs

US Digital Designs is a product engineering and consulting company specializing in designing, developing and installing high-quality and high-reliability mission-critical systems related to fire station alerting, robotics and more. Based in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area, the company prides itself on its reputation for developing the outstanding Phoenix G2 Station Alerting System, which plays a major role in helping save lives and reducing property losses in emergency situations. Download USDD’s 2019 product catalog at


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