USDD's new Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System product catalog
USDD's new Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System product catalog

US Digital Designs Publishes Fire Station Alerting System Product Catalog

Newly revised fire station alerting system product catalog offers new and expanded products for public safety fire officials

front cover of US Digital Designs fire station alerting system product catalogPHOENIX, Ariz. – April 25, 2014—Public safety fire officials and IT systems administrators are just two categories of emergency system personnel who will likely benefit from the latest Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System product catalog, just released and now available for download from US Digital Designs, (http://stationalerting.com), an emergency services alerting technology manufacturer based in Tempe, Arizona.

US Digital Designs’ 2014 catalog reflects a significant redesign and expansion from the 2012 edition, with scores of updated product photographs, illustrations and descriptions. The catalog is specifically geared to provide key information and benefits on US Digital Designs’ flagship “Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System,” with a detailed overview of its components and accessories.

Months in preparation, the 24-page catalog also offers information on several distinct USDD fire station alerting system benefits for community members, dispatchers, firefighters, public safety officials, IT support professionals and others.

“We’re delighted to have this new catalog available for our existing and potential clients,” noted Dominic Magnoni, US Digital Designs’ vice president and general manager. “It’s the result of a very well-thought-out plan to create a catalog of our products that is, first and foremost, comprehensive, and also understandable and ‘user-friendly.’ I would say it succeeds in our goal of putting all the products and services we offer at our clients’ fingertips.”

In addition to the Phoenix G2 Station Alerting System, the new catalog features an array of sophisticated new emergency alert-related products ancillary to the system, such as the G2 Communications Gateway Dashboard, FSA Mobile App, G2 Message Sign, G2 Sign Remote, G2 HDTV Remote, G2 Color Indicator Remote and G2 Strobe.

Other product advancements highlighted in the catalog feature a:

  • 3-D station sample layout with recommended station alerting equipment for basic, standard and advanced floor plans
  • New system overview diagram of how the G2 fire station alerting system works
  • List of Computer-aided Dispatch manufacturers that USDD works with to build custom fire station alerting interfaces
  • Link to an online survey to gather more prospective customer information. As a next step, fire department officials are invited to email their fire station floor plans to USDD sales. Company representatives will respond with a fire station alerting design and budgetary assessment specifically tailored to the potential client’s needs.

For more information about how the Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System benefits communities, fire departments and the lives of firefighters, please view our benefits page as well as the company’s newsroom, which contains links to videos, blogs and industry articles. To download the US Digital Designs’ catalog and other supporting materials, visit: http://stationalerting.com/home/service-support/.

About US Digital Designs

US Digital Designs is a product engineering and consulting company specializing in designing, developing and installing high-quality and high-reliability mission-critical systems related to fire station alerting, robotics and more. Based in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area, the company prides itself on its reputation for developing the outstanding Phoenix G2 Station Alerting System. The system is gaining an increasing reputation for playing a major role in helping save lives and reduce property losses in emergency situations. Interested parties may download USDD’s product catalog at stationalerting.com.

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