US Digital Designs Enhances Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System with New Products

USDD’s FSA Mobile App and other new Phoenix G2 fire station alerting products help instantly alert first responders

Fire chiefs and public safety officials can now choose from a wider variety of fire station alerting technology, thanks to the latest product enhancements to the Phoenix G2 Station Alerting System. Manufactured by the Arizona-based US Digital Designs, the Phoenix G2 helps reduce dispatch call-processing times by instantaneously alerting the right units, in the right places, so they can respond more efficiently and with better information.

“While we’re excited about the entire suite of G2 station alerting products, the feedback that we’ve gotten from our customers and prospects is they they’re very intrigued about receiving alerts at the station and on the go,” said Dominic Magnoni, US Digital Designs’ vice president and general manager. “Yes, there are several mobile alerting applications in the market, but this is the first of its kind to be integrated with a comprehensive station alerting system, which is synched with alerts sent from the dispatch center to the fire station. It’s not a standalone solution; it’s total solution.”

Phoenix G2 mobile app shows list of fire station alerts
USDD’s FSA Mobile App

US Digital Designs’ Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System offers an array of sophisticated new emergency alert-related products ancillary to the system, such as the following:

  • FSA Mobile App – Delivers fire station alerts to smartphones, such as dispatch announcements, administrative alerts, IT support notifications and application update notifications. It can send alerts to fire department individuals or groups (e.g., stations, battalions, districts, etc.) while they’re away from the station or apparatus. Receiving simultaneous alerts at the station and on mobile devices allows fire agencies to receive important notifications while conducting department business, such as inspections, training and/or meetings.
  • G2 Communications Gateway Dashboard – Enables public safety dispatchers to manually alert fire stations, monitor the status of alerts, control radio announcements and conduct alarm reporting (per-station), helping fire agencies maintain NFPA 1221 requirements.
  • G2 HDTV Remote – Generates the display of multi-line dispatch information on a customer-provided high-definition television (HDTV) screen, TV, video wall or projector.
  • G2 Message Sign – Displays an almost instantaneous single-line scrolling alert message, and can be mounted over doorways or in hallways, kitchens, offices and apparatus bays.Information can be configured to display dispatch information, turnout timer or unit status (with a capable CAD system).
  • G2 Sign Remote – Offers a very flexible, inexpensive, general-purpose, station peripheral that supplies power, data and control to a single, non-Power over Ethernet digital LED message sign. The G2 Sign Remote can be hung near a message sign in a hidden ceiling area or mounted to the back of a digital LED message sign.
  • G2 Color Indicator Remote – Features high-intensity LED lights in a variety of colors that are instantly recognizable by station personnel, providing immediate dispatch information to the observer. Offers a quiet, alternative visual alerting method and can be mounted on ceilings or walls.

For more information about the Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System, download the US Digital Designs product catalog and other supporting materials at

About US Digital Designs

US Digital Designs is a product engineering and consulting company specializing in designing, developing and installing high-quality and high-reliability mission-critical systems related to fire station alerting, robotics and more. Based in the Phoenix, Arizona, metro area, the company prides itself for having developed the outstanding Phoenix G2 Station Alerting System. The system is gaining an increasing reputation for its major role in helping save lives and reducing property losses in emergency situations.


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