At US Digital Designs, our technology tools are flexible and easy to master, allowing administrators to get the most out of any size station alerting system. Best of all, our tools recognize industry standards so you can easily mix-and-match Phoenix G2 solutions with your existing hardware investments.

G2 Communications Gateway Interface dashboard

Communications Gateway Dashboard

Customize messaging per-unit and per-location.

Phoenix G2 Station Controller Interface

Station Controller Interface

Securely monitor, configure or update any station from a Web-based browser

Phoenix G2 fire staton alerting mobile app - FSA Mobile app for smart devices

FSA Mobile App

Receive station alerts via your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch.

Phoenix G2 VoiceAlert

G2 VoiceAlert

Provides dispatchers with manual alerting, alert monitoring, radio announcement control and station alarm reporting.

The G2 I/O Network

The G2 I/O (input/output) Network enables station personnel to interface with external devices (e.g., station doorbells, lighting, appliances, doors and gates) and reset alerts, trigger walk-in alarms and monitor fire alarms.

A screenshot of the G2 Communications Gateway Dashboard showing configuration of inputs, outputs, and bay doors at a station.

Dispatchers may access the G2 I/O Network through the Communications Gateway Dashboard to remotely signal connected devices (e.g., doors) as well as view alarms at the station.

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A screenshot from the G2 Station Controller Interface, showing advanced configuration of inputs, outputs, devices, and customized triggers.

Administrators can use the Distributed I/O Setup screen on the Station Controller Interface to set up rules, actions and triggers, and to configure new devices.

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USDD’s engineers are hand-picked from the best and brightest experts in hardware, software, and everything in between. From public safety to mission-critical automation, our clients turn to us for consistently high-quality solutions to some of engineering’s toughest challenges.

Product development is our greatest strength.

We use the latest in computer-aided design and graphics to help us visualize a finished product. Well before any part is produced, we have assembled, tested, used and abused the product in a virtual environment. When we have the real finished product in our hands, there are no surprises. The virtual models we create are superb training and communications tools during and after the design process.

We understand the need to get it right the first time, and our decades of experience in mechanical, electrical and software engineering gives us the skills to make it happen.

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