Phoenix G2 reduces response times

Automated dispatch system to make fire department response times :30-:40 seconds faster, says Sandy City, Utah Fire Chief

Welcome “Sara,” the Automated Dispatch System

Sandy City Utah Automated Dispatch System Improves Response TimesThe new Phoenix G2 Station Alerting System [powered by US Digital Designs] was installed in all five fire stations when Sandy City [Utah] switched to the state-of-the-art Salt Lake City Dispatch Center in October.

“Sara” automatically dispatches crews with a clear, accent-neutral voice while the 911 call-taker continues gathering information. As a result, crews get out the door quicker and response times decrease. Digital signs in the stations show the dispatch information, while a digital timer in all truck bays count up so crews can continually improve their response.

“A fully automated dispatch system improves our overall efficiency, makes our response times quicker and is a definite public safety improvement,” said Bruce Cline, Fire Chief. “We are pleased to welcome “Sara”, the new automated dispatching/alert system that is making Fire Department response times :30-:40 seconds faster.”

Source: Sandy City Corporation

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