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We specialize in high-quality, mission-critical fire station alerting systems built in Tempe, Arizona.

We help fire stations improve response times.

When it comes to helping save lives and reducing property losses in emergency situations, US Digital Designs offers the most robust, high-tech way to transmit emergency dispatch information directly from the caller to the fire station–in seconds (or less).

At USDD, we make it easy for our customers to upgrade their existing station alerting system—whether big or small—so they can protect their community and arrive at each incident or accident with more information.

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Who We Help

Dispatchers use our Phoenix G2 system to improve the customer experience for the caller. For example, the dispatcher can type the necessary data (address, emergency type, and XX) into their computer-aided dispatch software, then hit “send” and automatically transmit the information to one station–or hundreds. Meanwhile, they never put the caller on hold. Within seconds, the correct station(s) is alerted and on their way, and the dispatcher can stay on the line if needed until responders arrive.

First responders receive automated dispatch announcements throughout the station via audio and visual alerting devices called peripherals. As firefighters and/or EMS personnel make their way to the apparatus or ambulance, they can view scrolling message signs, listen to the alert on the speakers and grab a rip-and-run printout with more details.

Fire administration professionals rely on the Phoenix G2 system to improve their average emergency response times, thus improving their ISO PPC ratings. The system provides a number of reporting benefits and requires virtually zero IT maintenance. Administrators can also receive mobile station alerts and administrative messages via their tablet devices.

Community members benefit from the Phoenix G2 system because a high-performing fire station in their neighborhood not only helps save lives and property but helps to reduce homeowner and commercial insurance rates.

How we do it

We design, develop and customize the mission-critical Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System, a high-quality and reliable system that uses the latest technology. We’re proud that our hardware and software components comply with the ‘made-in-the-USA’ standards.

A test bench at USDD headquarters

It works.

Long before any part is manufactured, we have assembled, tested, used and abused the product in a virtual environment. This means that there are no surprises. We understand the need to get it right the first time. Exhaustive virtual and prefatory testing can save you from unnecessary frustration.

One size doesn't fit all

Having worked with thousands of fire stations, we find that each location has its own unique subculture. That’s why our designers will produce a custom rendering of each station’s floor plan to help you visualize how the Phoenix G2 system will meet your unique needs.

OmniAlert Strobe Speaker, designed for fire stations based on direct feedback from our customers

You dream it, we’ll build it

If you envision refinement or improvements to your existing system or a completely new product, talk to us. Each part of the Phoenix G2 system was developed based on the needs and feedback of first responders around the world. We will help turn your vision into reality.

Don't take it from us. Ask around.

Call any of our customers and you’ll find that no alerting company has a better reputation for providing a more effective solution, better value or better service.

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