public safety officials attend Racom Technology Showcase

USDD Attends Annual RACOM Technology Showcase

Today, September 15th, Erik Hanson from US Digital Designs is in Marshalltown, Iowa, to meet with public safety experts at the annual RACOM Technology Showcase.

RACOM Technology Showcase - see how the puzzle pieces fit together

Touted as a “one-of- a-kind event,” RACOM is welcoming their partners to demonstrate each product line and answer technology questions from public safety professionals.

Partners represent all public sectors, such as police, fire, sheriff, EMS and ambulance.

RACOM Technology Showcase partners include:

  • Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting by US Digital Designs
  • Video Solutions by Axis Camera Systems
  • Vehicular Networks by CradlePoint
  • Storage Solutions by Ctech
  • Fire Communication Systems by FireCom
  • Vehicle Mounting Solutions by Gamber Johnson
  • Antennas by Panorama Antennas
  • P25 Radios and Consoles by Harris/Tait
  • Officer Protection Systems by SoundOff Signal
  • Evidence Management, Video Body Cameras and Computers by Getac

Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System demo at Racom

Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System Demo Table

Racom Technology Showcase 2016

Public Safety Officials Network with RACOM Partners

public safety officials attend Racom Technology Showcase

Presentations at the RACOM Technology Showcase

Racom headquarters in Marshalltown, Iowa

RACOM headquarters in Marshalltown, IA


To learn more about our Phoenix G2 installation partner, RACOM, visit Racom.net or their Tech Showcase event website.








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