G2 I/O Network

Controls station devices based on specific events or time of day, and enables the monitoring and signaling of gates, doors, and other critical areas

The G2 I/O (input/output) Network enables station personnel to interface with external devices (e.g., station doorbells, lighting, appliances, doors and gates) and reset alerts, trigger walk-in alarms and monitor fire alarms.

Dispatchers may access the G2 IO Network through the Communications Gateway Dashboard to remotely signal connected devices (e.g., doors) as well as view alarms at the station.

Based on specific events or time of day, the programmable Station Controller Interface software can turn on or off outdoor speakers and lights.

Administrators can use the Distributed IO Setup screen on the Station Controller Interface to set up rules, actions and triggers, and to configure new devices.

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USDD’s I/O technology is also built into our G2 I/O Remote, which controls station devices based on specific events or time of day.

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