G2 Communications Gateway Dashboard

Provides dispatchers with manual alerting, alert monitoring, radio announcement control and station alarm reporting.

The Phoenix G2 Communications Gateway Dashboard allows dispatchers to easily send automated dispatching messages to any number of fire stations. They can also use the Dashboard to monitor and acknowledge alerts as well as keep tabs on fire station alarms. The manual alerting helps fire agencies maintain NFPA 1221 requirements.

Fire department IT administrators can use the Dashboard to configure users, stations, units, dispatch information, VoiceAlert pronunciations, and so much more.

Send Manual Alerts to units, stations or groups. Type in a location, select a nature code, and view communication links.

The station configuration page lets administrative and IT staff have close control over station options.

Use the Dashboard to update the G2 Voice Alert pronunciations.

Choose from a dark or light background. View active incidents and access station controls.

Learn more about the G2 Communications Gateway

See how dispatchers can send alerts from the G2 Communications Gateway Dashboard via the Communications Gateway servers in a second or less. Or contact us! We’d be happy to discuss our Phoenix G2 fire station alerting system in more detail.