FSA Mobile App

Receive redundant fire station alerts via your mobile phone, tablet or smartwatch.

The Fire Station Alerting (FSA) Mobile App is an extension of the USDD Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System. With it, firefighters and first responders can receive instant verbal, written and location fire station alerts, regardless of whether they are in the fire station or on the road.


Vegasfly, 12/17/2017

This app has been great! There are 7 rigs in my house, it is nice to use the app so every time the tones go off I don’t drop everything unless it’s for the rig I’m driving!


Zbotics, 9/27/2019

This application interfaces directly with the Phoenix G2 Fire station alerting system and the city CAD. There is no middleware. The APP is often faster than the city’s network to the stations. The functions are clear and easy to use and is configurable to only receive the dispatches I want to receive. The mapping “simply works” and is LAT/Long based to eliminate errors.

App Specifications

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To request an activation code, please contact your agency’s fire station alerting system administrator. An activation code is required, and only available for Phoenix G2 customers.

To become a USDD Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System customer, visit our “Get Started” page and complete our short survey or call +1-602-687-1730.

How the FSA Mobile App Works

Configure your smart device for proper notifications.

Click on an alert to view more information.

View the location using mapping software.

Configure your smart device for proper notifications.

Click on an alert to view more information.

View the location using mapping software.

iPad version features a multi-call display

A host of time- and potentially life-saving features and benefits at your fingertips

Customize alerts. First responders can receive an audio tone, vibration on the phone or a visual text message, or all three.

Receive redundant alerts. A user can be out-of-quarters, out-of-apparatus and without a radio, yet still have another means to ensure that the appropriate personnel are alerted as quickly as possible.

Locate the quickest route. Use the mobile device’s GPS technology to arrive as quickly as possible, since seconds can determine whether someone lives or dies.

Search and save content. Find specific incident or alert types, unit assignments and other critical data for review, then “pin” specific alerts to access and/or analyze at a later time.

Receive simultaneous alerts. Life is unpredictable and, more often than not, first responders might have multiple incidents to which they’re responding. The FSA Mobile App provides concurrent alerts, such as dispatch announcements, administrative alerts, IT support notifications and application update notifications.

Hear the same, consistent, automated tones and voice as the station. A predictable tone and easily comprehended vocalized alert (VoiceAlert) can dramatically increase the accuracy and comprehension of the incident details.

Turn alerts on or off. Nobody deserves rest more than off-duty emergency responders, so the FSA Mobile App has a simple on and off switch to disable or enable push-notifications.

Configure notifications for a specific need or desire. The fire agency’s FSAS administrator can assign users to units or stations and specifically match what individual users need to see and hear. Users may also create their own individual filters.

Receive alerts for more than just one unit or station. Alert monitors enable users to receive alerts for combinations of units, stations, districts or incident types. Supervisors or special team members can keep up on activities of interest.

Alerts personnel as individuals or groups (e.g., units, stations, districts, etc.).

Provides an easy-access email address and phone link to the fire agency’s FSAS administrator.

Available on Apple Watch

If you already have the FSA Mobile app on your iPhone, it’s a simple process to view notifications on your Apple Watch.

1. Start the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

2. Select Notifications.

3. Ensure that the Phoenix G2 item is switched to the ON position as shown.


Once you’ve taken these steps, your Apple Watch will communicate with your iPhone to display FSA Mobile alerts. You must be within range of your iPhone (about 30 feet) to receive notifications on your Watch.

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