Station Alerting Products for Fire Stations

The Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System instantaneously alerts the right units in the right places, so they respond more efficiently and with better information

Phoenix G2 Benefits for Fire and Medical Personnel

Preparedness. Increases situational awareness and mental preparedness with clear, consistent vocalization of the alert, which helps units respond more quickly and efficiently.

Wellness. Reduces cardiac stress, anxiety, optical shock and sleep deprivation with ramped tones and zoned alerting, thereby notifying only required stations and/or individual units.

Compliance. Helps stations shave valuable seconds—even minutes—off of response times, helping meet or exceed NFPA 1710 recommendations.

Safety and redundancy. Reduces the chance of missing emergency calls during grid or power failures, thanks to multiple pathway options and a backup power supply.

Communication. Keeps personnel advised of ongoing incidents via USDD’s industry-leading fire station alerting smartphone app, SMS text, pager and email alerts.

Value. Reduces customer maintenance and management costs by integrating a reliable, proven system.

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