Gateway Radio Interface 2

Key Features
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Serves as an interface between the CAD host and the station alerting system.
Delivers text-to-speech alerts through a voice radio system from the dispatch center.

Fills the gap between communication center equipment and status-indicating light towers.

The Gateway Radio Interface is a network device that receives streaming audio and control instructions from the Communications Gateway and outputs analog audio and control signals to detect radio channel busy signals, generate radio push-to-talk signals, and play G2 VoiceAlert audio messages over the radio system.

The GaRI has an integrated network switch that allows it to be connected directly to two Communications Gateway servers in a hot-standby configuration or to other network devices, as necessary. In special applications, the GaRI can be connected to a customer data network to allow the GaRI to be distantly located from the Gateway servers. When control switches from one Gateway computer to another, the GaRI seamlessly switches the necessary audio and signaling connections as well, maintaining uninterrupted radio communications.

Individual inputs and outputs have separate LED indications for easy troubleshooting. The extruded, all-aluminum enclosure features laser-etched labels for all inputs and outputs, as well as flanged plates for easy install.

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