G2 OmniAlert Strobe Speaker

Alerts staff in large, open areas with high ambient noise levels
Key Features

The G2 OmniAlert Strobe Speaker is a dual-purpose, visual and audible fire station alerting device. It’s particularly effective in large, open areas with high ambient noise, as well as in acoustically challenging environments (e.g., apparatus bays and shops).

Requires Message Remote 2 for Power / Signal / Control.

13-inches high x 15-inches diameter

70v Speaker Input

Input voltage: 
48vdc Strobe Light Input

Power consumption: 
5W (Strobe Light)

Requires either ATX 70v Amplifier Channel and Speaker Light Output, or Message Remote 2 Amplifier Channel and Speaker Light Output

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G2 OmniStrobe Alert Speaker

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Powers up to two message signs and up to two speaker zones.

Provides colorful, immediate dispatch information to the observer.

Unlike conventional paging horns that deliver harsh, unintelligible sound, the OmniAlert Strobe Speaker is optimized for the spoken word.

It broadcasts high-powered and clear voice announcements, and leverages 360-degree horizontal dispersion, allowing for greater coverage and installation flexibility.

Three built-in, high-intensity LED strobe lights simultaneously provide rotating bursts of light to visually alert your personnel, even if the local ambient noise conditions prohibit audible alerts.

Lightweight and OSHA-compliant, the OmniAlert Strobe Speaker is fully compact at just 15-inches in diameter, and includes a cable hanging kit and small weather screen filter.

This peripheral is often used conjunction with the Message Remote 2 for power, signal and control.

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