G2 Light Tower Interface

Fills the gap between communication center equipment and status-indicating light towers

Light towers containing up to four lights can be controlled via the G2 Light Tower Interface. Separate optically-isolated inputs are provided for each of the four lights. The inputs can be controlled by the PTT (push to talk) switch, phone off hook indicator, manual toggle switch, and more.

The G2 Light Tower Interface controller contains its own power supply, saving valuable space and eliminating the confusion of wall adapters.

All connections are made with Phoenix Contact® removable terminal strips.

A small dip switch allows selection of NO (normally open) or NC (normally closed) inputs. Steady on or flashing lights may be selected as well. Each input and output has an LED indicator, for easy troubleshooting.

Dimensions (W x H x D): 
1.73 x 4.1 x 7

Digital inputs: 
(4) optically isolated dry contact inputs

Digital outputs: 
(4)  outputs: 50 mA : 24V DC

Input voltage: 
110 VAC / 0.25 amp

Light Tower Interface Datasheet

A brief overview of the Light Tower Interface.

US Digital Designs Light Tower Manual

Contents: Light Tower Controller I/O, Power Up Self Test, Dry Inputs, DIP Switch Programming, Input/Output View Diagram, Block Wiring Diagram

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