ATX Station Controller

Powers and controls visual, audio and lighting alerts
Key Features
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Target specific units or rooms with station alerting messages.

Display fire station dispatch information on a HDTV screen.

Awakens first responders with soft-start LED lighting and audio alerts.

Displays a single-line scrolling alert message.

G2 ATX Station Controller Interface

The fire department may add G2 peripheral devices (e.g., station alerting message signs, speakers and special lighting) to the Station Alerting System located at each fire station, as needed. These alerting devices can be integrated easily via a simple change to the Web configuration.

Learn more about the Station Controller Interface, designed for IT systems administrators →

Network and G2 peripheral benefits

Reduces dispatch-processing time

by sending IP-based alert data over a high-speed network. The ATX can notify multiple stations simultaneously in less than a second.

Enables each ATX Station Controller to work with devices

such as doorbells, lighting, appliances, doors and gates via the G2 I/O Network.

Connects to rip-and-run printers

so firefighters can take printout dispatch information with them in the apparatus.

VIDEO: See how seamlessly the Phoenix G2 ATX Station Controller integrates with a fire station.

Want to learn more?

For more information on USDD’s Network and G2 peripherals, please tap the link below to our Fire Station Products page.

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