Tailor your Phoenix G2 system to the meet the needs of each station with optional signage, speakers, amplifiers and more.
The Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System is comprised of a central ATX Station Controller and a network of alerting peripherals that alert first responders throughout a fire station via audio, display, lighting and auxilliary input/output (I/O) components.
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Phoenix G2 ATX Station Controller

ATX Station Controller

Powers and controls visual, audio and lighting alerts.

Phoenix G2 Communications Gateway

Communications Gateway

Serves as an interface between the CAD host and the station alerting system.

Audible & visual alerting peripherals

Room Remote 2

G2 Room Remote 2

Powers and controls local speakers, allowing stations to customize messaging per-unit and per-location.

Phoenix G2 Illuminated Speakers

G2 Illuminated Speaker

Awakens first responders with soft-start LED lighting and audio alerts.

Phoenix G2 Message Remote

G2 Message Remote

Powers up to two message signs and up to two speaker zones.

Visual alerting peripherals

Phoenix G2 Message Sign

G2 Message Sign

Displays an almost instantaneous single-line scrolling alert message, powered by the G2 Message Remote.

HDTV Remote for Fire Station - Station Alert on Screenshot

G2 HDTV Remote for Stations

Displays dispatch information on a customer-provided high-definition television (HDTV) screen.

Phoenix G2 Color Indicator Remote

G2 Color Indicator Remote

Offers an alternative alerting method, featuring high-intensity LED lights.

Phoenix G2 Strobe Light

G2 Strobe Light

Alerts first responders with a blinking strobe light in high-noise areas.

Other peripherals

Phoenix G2 Gateway Radio Interface

Gateway Radio Interface

Automatically transmits announcements across radio systems.

Phoenix G2 I/O Remote

G2 I/O Remote

Enables the monitoring and signaling of gates, doors, etc.

Phoenix G2 Sign Remote

G2 Sign Remote

Supplies power and data to a digital LED message sign.

Phoenix G2 Light Tower Interface

G2 Light Tower Interface

Fills the gap between communication center equipment and status-indicating light towers

Our technology

Phoenix G2 Gateway Interface

Communications Gateway Dashboard

Provides dispatchers with manual alerting, alert monitoring, radio announcement control and station alarm reporting.

Phoenix G2 Station Controller Interface

Station Controller Interface

Helps IT professionals and approved personnel connect to the ATX and configure and manage fire station alerts from any location, at any time, via a local- or wide-area network.

Phoenix G2 Station Alerting App

FSA Mobile App

Sends instant verbal, written and location fire station alerts to smart phones, tablets or other smart devices, regardless of whether they are in the fire station or on the road.

Phoenix G2 VoiceAlert

G2 VoiceAlert

Delivers text-to-speech alerts through a voice radio system from the dispatch center.




Made in USA
A high-quality and high-reliability system using the latest technology, the Phoenix G2 (or “Generation II”) system is ‘made-in-the-USA” compliant.
(“All” or “virtually all” significant parts and processing are of U.S. origin)




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