ATX Station Controller - station alerting products for fire stations

ATX Station Controller

Powers and controls visual, audio and lighting alerts.

Phoenix G2 I/O Remote

G2 I/O Remote

Enables monitoring and signaling of gates, doors, etc.

Phoenix G2 Message Sign

G2 Message Sign

Displays single-line scrolling alert messaging.

G2 Illuminated speaker LED lights-

G2 Illuminated Speaker

Awakens with soft-start LED lighting and audio alerts.

USDD Station Alerting Peripheral for fire stations Phoenix G2 Message Remote 2 rendering

G2 Message Remote 2

Powers message signs and speaker zones.

Room Remote 2

G2 Room Remote 2

Targets specific units or rooms with station alerting messages.

Phoenix G2 HDTV Remote for fire station alerting by US Digital Designs - station alert with map

G2 HDTV Remote

Displays dispatches on a monitor, TV, video wall, etc.

Phoenix G2 OmniAlert Strobe Speaker - US Digital Designs

G2 OmniAlert Strobe Speaker

Alerts staff in open areas with high ambient noise levels.

g2 color indicator remote - fire station alerting dispatch visual lighting

G2 Color Indicator Remote

Features high-intensity LED alerting lights.

Phoenix G2 Strobe Light

G2 Strobe Light

Alerts via a blinking strobe light in high-noise areas.

firest station alerting station controller interface

Station Controller Interface

Securely monitors, configures or updates any station.

Phoenix G2 Benefits for Fire and Medical Personnel:

  • Preparedness. Increases situational awareness and mental preparedness with clear, consistent vocalization of the alert, which helps units respond more quickly and efficiently.
  • Wellness. Reduces cardiac stress, anxiety, optical shock and sleep deprivation with ramped tones and zoned alerting, thereby notifying only required stations and/or individual units.
  • Compliance. Helps stations shave valuable seconds—even minutes—off of response times, helping meet or exceed NFPA 1710 recommendations.
  • Safety and redundancy. Reduces the chance of missing emergency calls during grid or power failures, thanks to multiple pathway options and a backup power supply.
  • Communication. Keeps personnel advised of ongoing incidents via USDD’s industry-leading fire station alerting smartphone app, SMS text, pager and email alerts.
  • Value. Reduces customer maintenance and management costs by integrating a reliable, proven system.

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