HDTV Remote for Dispatchers

Displays dispatch information on a customer-provided HDTV screen at the dispatch center.

Phoenix G2 Communications Gateway

Communications Gateway

Serves as an interface between the CAD host and the station alerting system.

Phoenix G2 Gateway Radio Interface

Gateway Radio Interface

Automatically transmits announcements across radio systems.

Phoenix G2 Light Tower Interface

G2 Light Tower Interface

Fills the gap between communication center equipment and status-indicating light towers

Phoenix G2 Gateway Interface

Communications Gateway Dashboard

Allows dispatchers to customize automated dispatch alerts per-unit and per-location.

Phoenix G2 Station Controller Interface

Station Controller Interface

Securely monitor, configure or update any station from a Web-based browser.

Phoenix G2 Station Alerting App

FSA Mobile App – Get Alerts on the Go!

Receive redundant station alerts via your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch.

Phoenix G2 VoiceAlert

G2 VoiceAlert Automated Dispatch Alerting

Enables manual alerts, alert monitoring, radio announcement control and alarm reporting.

Working with CAD Providers

At USDD, we work with the leading industry and technology partners to provide our fire station customers with the right turn-key solution to meet their needs. That’s why we offer a native interface software integration with these computer-aided dispatch (CAD) providers and more:

  • Capita/Fortek
  • Hexagon/Intergraph (Edge Frontier/InterCAD)
  • Motorola (Premier, PremierOne, Spillman, Printrak)
  • Northrop Grumman (COBOL CAD, CommandPoint)
  • TriTech (Inform/VisiCAD, Perform/Vision/VisionAir, Tiburon CommandCAD)
  • Versaterm

We continuously develop other custom CAD interfaces, including the UK GD-92 standard.

See all CAD Partners

USDD’s Phoenix G2 Alerting System Offers Dispatchers:

  • Speed. Delivers VoiceAlert automated dispatch alerts simultaneously to one or multiple stations in less than a second, helping to reduce or eliminate dispatcher “on-hold” time.
  • Wellness. Reduces dispatcher stress and workload. With the press of the button in the computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system, a dispatcher sends the automated dispatch alerting first responders. This frees up dispatchers to communicate with callers and manage the dispatch process more successfully.
  • High reliability. Offers dispatchers a redundant system to communicate alerts if the CAD system fails.
  • Situational awareness. Reviews the success of alerts as they are sent, and monitors the status of the system in real time.

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There’s a variety of audio and visual automated dispatching messages that transmit in seconds from the dispatch center to one or more fire stations.

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An ingenious use of the G2 Message Sign at a station in Glendale, AZ

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