No More ‘Pop Can Alarms’ for Omaha Fire Department

Batallion Chief Scott Fitzpatrick talks about no more pop can alarms at Omaha Fire Department

‘Pop can alarms’ shelved, new fire alerting system live in almost every Omaha fire station


There are no more ‘pop can alarms’ to signal an incoming emergency dispatch alert in the Omaha Fire Department.

In this KETV 7 news report, Michelle Bandur visits with Battalion Chief Scott Fitzpatrick about the City’s new Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System.

Following is a recap of their conversation:

Bandur: “The Omaha Fire Department calls it the latest and greatest in technology. The $2.5 million upgrade is almost complete. From now on, the only pop cans you’ll find in fire stations will be left in the fridge.”


Phoenix G2 Gamma Message Sign Abdominal Pain - US-Digital-Designs-Phoenix-G2-turnout-timer-Omaha-Fire-Department


[Voiceover] “Samantha” VoiceAlert: “ABDOMINAL PAIN.” “2203 JONES STREET.” “RESPONSE.”


Bandur: “This state-of-the-alert Fire Station Alerting system is now live in 15 of Omaha’s 24 fire stations.”




Fitzpatrick: “More tools help them get out the door faster to help people.”


fire station turnout time clock on the wall


Bandur:“Sixty seconds or less is the goal. Now there’s a clock on display that starts when the call comes in.”


Fitzpatrick: “With the new system, we feel that will be attainable.”


outdated fire station alerting technology - radio


Bandur:“The City is replacing outdated, aging equipment that was often broken, and so bad, firefighters at Stations 52 and 23 resorted to the sound of pop cans falling off a printer, activated when emergency calls come in. Are the pop can alarms gone for good now?”


pop can alarm on fire station printer


Fitzpatrick: “There was no need for pop cans to begin with. It’s much better. They’ll be able to get the pre-alerts much faster than a computer printer.”


Phoenix G2 station alerting Illuminated speaker in Omaha Fire Department


Bandur: “Another feature of this alarm system is the computer automated voice known as “Samantha” and heart-saver tones.”



Fitzpatrick: “Instead of going from 0-120 right away when the alarm used to go out, now it’s gradual light and sound.”



Bandur: “The alarm won’t wake every firefighter either. Before the technology, the tones and lights will only go off in the bedrooms of firefighters needed in the emergency.”


Omaha firefighter sliding down pole


Fitzpatrick: “It’s long overdue for the safety and wellness of the firefighters.”


Bandur: “When we first showed the Fire Union President the video of the pop can alarms last winter, he was critical of the City not getting the new alarm system in fast enough.

Tonight, Steve LeClair tells me he commends the Mayor and the Fire Department, saying the new system will reduce response times. Three more stations will get the new equipment this week, and every Omaha fire station is expected to have it by September.”


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