To help reduce dispatch call-processing times, the Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System almost instantaneously alerts the right units, in the right places. That means first responders are more efficient and better informed when they arrive on the scene.

Made in USA

The Phoenix G2 is manufactured by US Digital Designs in Tempe, Arizona, and complies with “Made in the USA” standards.

At the Dispatch Center

When an incident occurs, the computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system interfaces with the G2 Communications Gateway, located at the dispatch processing center.

The Gateway receives alert data from a dispatcher via an interface with an existing CAD host, or directly from USDD’s interactive Web-based interface. Dispatchers can send manual alerts using the Manual Alerting Application within the Communications Gateway Dashboard.

Dispatch processing time is reduced by sending IP-based alert data over a high-speed network, which can notify multiple stations simultaneously in less than a second.

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At the Fire Station

The Phoenix G2 system integrates crystal-clear text-to-speech technology and high-contrast message signs. This helps emergency personnel react promptly and efficiently to every call.

Fully automated dispatching awakens only on-call units with ramped tones and lighting, so non-dispatched crews remain undisturbed to receive necessary rest. Unquestionably, well-rested crews operate at peak performance.

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Technology for Personnel

The success of our Phoenix G2 system depends on hardware, but also on the interfaces people use to control that hardware. That’s why we’ve developed simple, usable interfaces that allow public safety professionals to do their jobs, instead of wrestling with technology.

We’ve even built a “market first” fire station alerting app that sends redundant station alerts to personnel on the go!

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Phoenix G2 fire staton alerting mobile app - FSA Mobile app for smart devices


Individual Alerting Zones and Methods

The ATX Station Controller sends alerts throughout the fire station, using any combination of room zones with individual lighting, messaging and volume control in each zone.

There are many configurable G2 peripheral devices that alert first responders, at the station, with visual and/or audible messages.

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Below is a station alerting overview of USDD’s Phoenix G2 system and our technology. We’ll show you how it works for dispatchers, fire stations as well as public safety administrators and personnel.

Phoenix G2 fire station alerting system overview by US Digital Designs

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No station is too big or too small

Fire departments of all sizes rely on the Phoenix G2 automated dispatch alerting system. If you’re looking for more station alerting overview information, see three sample station alerting designs.

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