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U.S.-based fire agencies seeking to streamline the purchasing process for a fire station alerting system are in luck, thanks to US Digital Designs’ recent Master Price Agreement available through the NPPGov Public Safety Group Purchasing Organization (GPO).

Among numerous other benefits, the NPPGov Public Safety GPO contracts promise to have a pronounced time- and effort-saving effect on the procurement process used by fire agencies as they procure USDD’s flagship product, its “Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System.”


“We got the [fire station alerting] product from US Digital Designs that we wanted, were able to save tax payer dollars, and met our procurement requirements by piggybacking off the contract. Everybody wins with FireRescue GPO/NPPGov!” Read the full client case study here.

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What is NPPGov Public Safety?

Public Safety GPO is a program of NPPGov, a Cooperative Purchasing Organization that offers cost savings to public entities. The GPO facilitates the creation of publicly solicited contracts on behalf of its tens of thousands of government members nationwide. These contracts are publicly solicited by a lead public agency in accordance with government purchasing regulations and include “piggybacking” language, which allows government agencies to use these contracts in place of their own RFP process. GPO members save time and money by making purchases through these publicly solicited contracts.

How to Order

For GPO members who wish to order USDD’s Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System:

  • Send us your official GPO Member number, along with your request for a quote. If no registration or number already exists, please register at nppgov.com click “Join Now or Register,” and complete the process before submitting your number to USDD.
  • Work with the USDD staff, who will engineer a system solution and provide station drawings along with an official MPA customer quote.
  • Submit your Purchase Order to USDD, referencing your Member number and related USDD quote.

About USDD’s Station Alerting System

The Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System includes the following products for:

Dispatch Centers

  • Communications Gateway – Serves as an interface between the Station Alerting System and the customer’s CAD host, radio and communications systems
  • Communications Gateway Dashboard – Provides dispatchers with manual alerting, alert monitoring, radio announcement control and station alarm reporting
  • Gateway Audio Radio Interface – Connects the G2 Communications Gateway and up to two radio channels simultaneously, alerting firefighter units without dispatcher intervention
  • HDTV Remote – Displays information on a customer-provided high-definition television (HDTV) screen, including dispatch-related calls, station alarms and radio channels

Fire Stations

  • ATX Station Controller – Alerts any combination of room zones with individual lighting, messaging and volume control in each zone
  • VoiceAlert – Produces a calm, crystal-clear male or female voice, delivered digitally or through a voice radio system from the dispatch center to the ATX Station Controller, and then played in specified regions of the fire station over speakers
  • I/O Network – Controls station devices based on specific events or time of day
  • I/O Remote – Monitors doorbells, walk-in alert triggers and door open sensors; signals automatic doors and gates, activate strobe lights and more


  • FSA Mobile App – Sends instant verbal, written and location fire station alerts to smart phones, tablets or other smart devices, regardless of whether they are in the fire station or on the road
  • VoiceAlert – Delivers text-to-speech alerts through a voice radio system from the dispatch center
  • Station Controller Interface – Helps IT professionals and approved personnel connect to the ATX and configure and manage fire station alerts from any location, at any time, via a local- or wide-area network
  • Communications Gateway Dashboard – Provides dispatchers with manual alerting, alert monitoring, radio announcement control and station alarm reporting

The following G2 peripheral devices alert first responders, at the station, with visual and/or audible messages:

Audible and visual alerting:

  • G2 Room Remote 2 – Powers and controls local speakers with a 10-inch touch LED screen, allowing stations to customize messaging per-unit and per-location
  • G2 Illuminated SpeakerAwakens first responders with soft-start LED lighting and audio alerts
  • Digital LED Message Sign – Displays an almost instantaneous single-line scrolling alert message, powered by the G2 Message Remote (Powers up to two message signs and up to two speaker zones)
  • FSA Mobile App – Displays dispatch alerts, maps and administrative messages on mobile devices, tablets and smartwatches

Visual alerting:

  • G2 Message Sign – Displays an almost instantaneous single-line scrolling alert message
  • G2 HDTV Remote – Displays dispatch information on a customer-provided high-definition television (HDTV) screen
  • G2 Color Indicator Remote – Offers an alternative alerting method, featuring high-intensity LED lights
  • G2 Strobe Light – Alerts first responders with a blinking strobe light in high-noise areas

Audible Alerting:

  • Weatherized, outdoor speakers (wall-mount)
  • Standard speaker (ceiling-mount)
  • G2 Illuminated Speaker (ceiling-mount)

About the Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System

During a dispatch (911) call, the Phoenix G2 automatically sends various types of audio and visual messages throughout the fire station with detailed information about the emergency. This method of information intake increases a firefighter’s situational awareness so they respond more efficiently and with better information, thus helping save time, lives and property. The automated dispatch system also frees up public safety dispatchers to work on other important tasks instead of manually verbalizing a dispatch or having to contact multiple stations, one after the other.

From conception to delivery, the Phoenix G2 system is “purpose-built” and made specifically for public safety communications professionals. And, it’s designed to be both flexible and standard.

How can it do both?

Because USDD’s purpose-built, standardized systems ship to each fire station with an extensive assortment of the industry’s most popular fire station alerting features, yet remains flexible through the configuration modules, meeting the unique culture of each station. For example, the system’s zoning feature can be configured to only awaken only on-call units with heart-safe ramped tones and lighting, so non-dispatched crews remain undisturbed and can get the rest they need. Meanwhile, well-rested crews can operate at peak effectiveness.

About US Digital Designs

More than a decade ago, the USDD team of experienced mechanical, electrical and software engineers conceived, designed and manufactured the most effective, network-based, fire station alerting system in the industry for its own community. It was important to the USDD team that they made its system impeccable—to get it right every time.

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