Firefighter uses Phoenix G2 ATX controller
Firefighter uses Phoenix G2 ATX controller

Minnesota fire departments deploy Phoenix G2 fire station alerting technology

The fire departments in Saint Paul and Ramsey County, Minnesota, acquired new fire station alerting technology from US Digital Designs (USDD). The solution works by automatically transmitting emergency alert data from the public-safety answering point (PSAP) to multiple stations simultaneously — in less than a second.

Each station receives and processes the transmitted data through an onsite station controller, which broadcasts the information within the fire station via electronic signs and loudspeakers. USDD contacted RACOM to submit a quote for installing the alerting system for the Saint Paul and Ramsey County fire departments — a total of 31 stations.

RACOM previously performed two installations of the system in Marion, Iowa, and five fire station installations in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. RACOM started the Saint Paul and Ramsey County installation project Nov. 3. The company expects the project to take about five months, with completion expected in late March 2015.

RACOM will install and provide technical assistance to the fire departments for the new equipment, which includes a G2 ATX Station Controller for each fire station, G2 Peripheral devices and a G2 Communications Gateway at the local dispatch center.

The new technology should provide the Saint Paul and Ramsey County fire departments with a much-improved CAD-to-station alerting interface and significantly faster turnaround time on emergency calls.

This article first appeared on December 17, 2014 in Radio Resource magazine.

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