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Idaho Falls Fire Department Uses New Phoenix G2 Automated Dispatch System

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) – The Idaho Falls Fire Department will be getting to emergencies quicker with a new automated dispatch system [from US Digital Designs].

Idaho falls dispatch center


They recently began using a station alert system that they’re also tying in with dispatch. The system alerts the station through screens about call description, location and an automated voicing system that will speak out the information.

Idaho Falls, Idaho public safety dispatch center

The new system is a more efficient way for firefighters and EMS to get the information they need.

“We go from like a paper map book and someone trying to listen while they’re trying to send trucks,” Scott Grimmett, Fire Marshall, said.

Scott Grimmett Fire Marshall - Idaho Falls automated dispatch system

“It’s just that send while she’s still taking notes. We get rolling ahead of time and get more information as we’re heading out the door. It just helps that first initial minute decrease.”

fire truck idaho falls


The system also records and stores data that the department can review at the end of the year.  This only applies to the fire and EMS dispatches, not the police dispatch.


Story by Katie Keleher

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