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The G2 Room Remote 2 is the next-generation, all-in-one station alerting peripheral from US Digital Designs.

Even easier to use than its predecessor (the Room Remote), the Room Remote 2 allows first responders to adjust settings (e.g., units to be alerted, radio monitoring, or volume).

It comes with a built-in turnout timer and a 10.1-inch full-color high-resolution LCD touch screen display for immediate visual reinforcement of the alert.

With more readable area on the screen, it can simultaneously show dispatched units, incident information text and turnout timer.

The G2 Room Remote 2 sends targeted dispatch messages to specific fire station units or rooms.

Popular uses for the Room Remote 2 include:

  • Dorm Rooms – select alerts only for unit in dorm
  • Offices – Monitor other station units’ activity
  • Training Rooms – volume control and quiet alerts

Description & Specifications

Dimensions (W x H x D): 11.2 x 8.2 x 1.9 (in); 284 x 208 x 48 (mm)

Audio outputs: (1) 2W speaker channel selectable 8 Ohm or 70V; (1) line level 600 Ohm

LED lighting outputs: (1) 48 VDC zoned

Digital inputs: (1) Dry contact

Digital outputs: (1) Form A relay rated .5A @ 48V AC or resistive load only

Network connections: (2) Ethernet/POE to Station Controller peripheral network with integrated 3-port switch

Other connections: (1) USB (for future use); (1) micro-USB (for future use); (1) HDMI (for future use)

Indicators and controls: Multi-touch touchscreen

Input voltage: USDD POE

Power consumption: 12W

Accessories: Room Remote 2 to Room Remote adapter plate; surface mount box

Included in the kit: Mounting plate



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