USDD's Phoenix G2 Message Remote

The Phoenix G2 Message Remote is the most flexible peripheral available in USDD’s Fire Station Alerting System.

It contains two independent audio amplifiers and can power up to two non-Power over Ethernet (PoE) digital LED message signs.

Most fire stations use a combination of both amplifier and message sign configurations.

Description & Specifications

Dimensions (W x H x D): 5.25 x 9.25 x 3.25 (in); 134 x 235 x 83 (mm)

Audio outputs: (2) 15W 70V speaker channels

LED lighting outputs: (1) Form A relay zoned

Digital inputs: (2) Dry contact

Digital outputs: (2) Form C relays rated .5A @48V AC or resistive load only

Network connections: (1) Ethernet/POE to Station Controller peripheral network

Other connections: (2) BetaBrite sign power; (2) BetaBrite sign serial control

Voltage outputs: (1) 48 VDC

Input voltage: USDD POE

Power consumption: 36W


Phoenix G2 Message Remote Datasheet

Phoenix G2 Message Remote Datasheet

  • Version: 2015
  • Size: 724 KB
  • Type: Datasheets
  • Format: PDF

A brief overview of the Phoenix G2 Message Remote.



Message Remote configuration

The Message Remote is available by itself, or combined with a USDD sign bracket and wiring for two Beta-Brite® signs, ideal for wall-mounting in a hallway or other open area.

G2 Message Remote offers muitple configurations with message signs and speakers

Message Sign Configuration

If two message signs are installed, audio is limited to a maximum of 5W, which is appropriate for several low-current speakers and enough clear audio to fill any reasonably-sized room. The Phoenix G2 Message Sign mounting system utilizes two back-to-back BetaBrite® message signs and one remote, and is ideal for mounting in long corridors.

The message signs can also be remote-mounted up to 15′ (5m) from the Phoenix G2 Message Remote – ideal for utilizing one Message Remote for two separate rooms.

Amplifier Configuration

The G2 Message Remote may be utilized as a sound-only device (no message signs). It delivers 30W (15W per channel) of quality sound through automotive-quality audio amplifiers.

Most facilities use a combination of both amplifier and message sign configurations to take advantage of the flexibility of the Phoenix G2 Message Remote.

Other Signage

If your needs require message signs larger than the standard BetaBrite® signs, the Phoenix G2 Message Remote can communicate with any ALPHA protocol message sign.

70V Amplifier Panel

We offer a 70V amplifier 6U, 19″ rack-mount option which includes two Message Remotes in combination with a 70V transformer system. This configuration is ideal for long-distance audio transmission in large outdoor area or apparatus bays.

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Want to streamline?

The new stand-alone Phoenix G2 Message Sign requires no additional power from the Sign Remote or Message Remote.

It’s easy to install: just plug in the Power over Ethernet (PoE) cable.

View G2 Message Sign

Phoenix G2 Message Sign

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