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The Phoenix G2 Message Remote 2 is the most flexible peripheral available in USDD’s Fire Station Alerting System.

The G2 Message Remote 2 provides audio and visual alerting ability for fire stations. It contains two independent audio amplifiers and can power up to two LED message signs in two separate sleeping area/zones. It also offers a built-in I/O feature to tie into third-party components, such as door bells, control valves and switches, lighting controls, etc.

The Message Remote 2 is installed quickly and easily, and is a favorite among installers and system designers due to its ability to meet nearly any architectural need.

This is the successor to the original Message Remote.

Description & Specifications

Dimensions (W x H x D): 6.75 x 9.75 x 2 (in); 172 x 229 x 52 (mm)

Audio outputs: (2) 20W selectable 8ohm or 70V Speaker Channels

LED lighting outputs: (2) 48VDC Zoned

Digital inputs: (2) Dry contact

Digital outputs: (2) Form C relays rated .5A @48V AC or resistive load only

Network connections: (1) Ethernet/POE to Station Controller peripheral network

Other connections: (2) BetaBrite sign power; (2) BetaBrite sign serial control

Voltage outputs: (1) 48 VDC

Input voltage: USDD POE

Power consumption: 36W



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Want to streamline?

The new stand-alone Phoenix G2 Message Sign requires no additional power from the Sign Remote or Message Remote.

It’s easy to install: just plug in the Power over Ethernet (PoE) cable.

View G2 Message Sign

Phoenix G2 Message Sign

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