Phoenix G2 I/O Remote for fire station alerting

The G2 IO Remote interfaces between the ATX Station Controller and field devices at the fire station. The inputs (I) can be configured to monitor switches such as doorbells, walk-in alert triggers and door open sensors. The outputs (O) can be used to signal automatic doors and gates, activate strobe lights and more.

The G2 I/O Remote may be installed up to 300 feet from the ATX Station Controller. Like all G2 peripheral devices, the G2 I/O Remote receives power and data via a single Ethernet CAT5 or CAT6 cable. The extruded, all-aluminum enclosure features laser-etched labels for all inputs and outputs. It has flanged end plates for easy installation.

Input and output rules are easily configured in the G2 Station Controller Interface. This enables individual outputs to respond to unit alarms, time of day alarms, and many more options. Inputs can be set to trigger other outputs, act as doorbell inputs, acknowledge calls and more.

US Digital Designs’ I/O rule software interface allows you to confingure the inputs and outputs in an almost limitless fashion

Description & Specifications

Dimensions (W x H x D): 6.5 x 6 x 2 (in); 165 x 152 x 52 (mm)

Digital inputs: (8) Dry contact

Digital outputs: (8) Form A relays rated .5A @ 48V AC or resistive load only

Network connections: (1) Ethernet/POE to Station Controller peripheral network

Indicators and controls: Input and output active LEDs

Input voltage: USDD POE; optional 12 VDC input

Power consumption: 4W


Phoenix G2 I/O Remote

Phoenix G2 I/O Remote

  • Version: 2015
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A brief overview of the Phoenix G2 I/O Remote.



  • Push-Button, Black (for doorbells, acknowledgements, etc.)
  • Push-Button, Red (for emergency alert, etc.)

The G2 I/O Network

The G2 I/O (input/output) Network enables station personnel to interface with external devices (e.g., station doorbells, lighting, appliances, doors and gates) and reset alerts, trigger walk-in alarms and monitor fire alarms.

A screenshot of the G2 Communications Gateway Dashboard showing configuration of inputs, outputs, and bay doors at a station.

Dispatchers may access the G2 I/O Network through the Communications Gateway Dashboard to remotely signal connected devices (e.g., doors) as well as view alarms at the station.

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A screenshot from the G2 Station Controller Interface, showing advanced configuration of inputs, outputs, devices, and customized triggers.

Administrators can use the Distributed I/O Setup screen on the Station Controller Interface to set up rules, actions and triggers, and to configure new devices.

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