Phoenix G2 HDTV RemoteThe data displayed on the G2 HDTV Remote for Dispatchers helps dispatch center teams know that each fire station’s alerting system is operating properly.

See below for an example of how a customer’s HDTV screen displays a visual alert, powered by the G2 HDTV Remote.

HDTV Remote Dispatch status display

Station Alarms

G2 HDTV Remote for Dispatchers - Station Alarms

Across the top of the display, dispatchers can view alarms from the stations, such as “Communications link down” or “1 peripheral not responding.” You can set up alarms for Phoenix G2 peripherals including Message Signs, HDTV Remotes, Room Remotes, etc.

Radio Channels

G2 HDTV Remote for Dispatchers - Radio Channels

On the right side of the screen, view the status of any radio channels that the system is using to transmit automated dispatch announcements. Indicated on the display are the channel statues (e.g., “WAITING”, “TX”) with their names (e.g., “K1” and “Fire 1”) and the number of automated dispatch announcements queued for the channel (e.g., “1 ITEM QUEUED”, “2 ITEMS QUEUED”).


G2 HDTV Remote for Dispatchers - Incidents

On the rest of the display, dispatchers can view the most recent alerts sent both to the stations and over the radio channels. The first line on the left is the “Nature Code” or “Type” of the incident (e.g., “HA” for heart attack and “FALLM” for fall injury, etc.). That is followed by the address, the stations alerted (e.g., “194, P191” – with green color indicating that the station was successfully alerted, and red if unsuccessful). On the right side of this section the time of the alert is displayed at the top, and the status of the alert on each radio channel below that (e.g., “K1 QUEUED”, etc.).

New alerts are added to the top of the display and older ones disappear.

Description & Specifications

Dimensions (W x H x D): 3.6 x 2.9 x 1.2 (in); 91 x 74 x 29 (mm)

Audio outputs: Alarm through HDMI; analog audio jack

Network connections: (1) Ethernet connection to Communications Gateways or Station Controller networks

Other connections: (1) HDMI output with consumer electronics control (CEC); (4) USB

Indicators and controls: Power LED; activity LED; LAN connection

Input voltage: 5VDC through micro-USB connector



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