Phoenix G2 Station Controller Interface

Designed for IT system administrators, the Station Controller Interface is a Web-based browser that helps you configure and manage fire station alerting from any location, at any time. It enables approved personnel to connect to the ATX Station Controller via a local- or wide-area network.
Station Controller Interface - Station Settings
Station Controller Interface - Station Area Settings
Station Controller Interface - Station Status

The entire fire station is configured using the Station Controller Interface:

Station Controller Interface - Station Area Settings
  • No software to install; the software is platform independent.
  • View the status of the entire station in a browser, on a private network, in real-time, inside the station or from anywhere in the world.
  • Check the status of any G2 peripheral.
  • Add printers.
  • View logs which track months of activity.
  • All the control you need is right at your finger tips, in a convenient Web-browser interface.



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