Download the FSA Mobile App on Google Play and iTunes

Did you know?

The Phoenix G2 FSA Mobile App is now available on the Google Play Store for Android users and iTunes for iOS users.

Yes, that’s right! The App is available for Phoenix G2 station alerting customers with a system under warranty and/or a recurring service contract.

About the App

The FSA Mobile App is an extension of the Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System, manufactured by US Digital Designs (USDD). With it, firefighters and first responders can get instant verbal, written and location fire station alerts, regardless of whether they are in the fire station or on the road.

How it Works

The App will interface with the Agency’s computer-aided dispatch system to send simultaneous mobile alerts, including dispatch announcements, administrative alerts, IT support notifications and application update notifications to authorized personnel via their smartphones and tablets.  The App alerts personnel as individuals or groups (e.g., stations, battalions, districts, etc.) wherever they are, making it especially ideal for volunteers and reserves.  The mobile alerts plays the same tones as those in the station, shows incident location using the device’s built-in mapping capabilities and enables users to save notifications for future reference and search for previous notifications. Plus, the App provides an easy-access email address and phone link to local IT support.

App Licenses

Each ATX Station Controller will enable 24 App licenses at no additional charge while the System is under warranty or annual service and support.  All you need is a customer activation code for each user and an FSA Administrator to implement the App for your fire agency. Additional licenses (over 24) can be obtained on a sliding cost scale.

Download the App Now!

Download in Google Play Store

Download in iTunes (available for iPhone and iPad)

To request an activation code, please contact your agency’s fire station alerting system (FSAS) administrator.

Please note that the FSA Mobile App technical support is only available via a fire agency’s administrator for the Phoenix G2 system. Please also note that the performance of mobile alerting is subject to your device’s network reliability and coverage.

To learn even more about the App and view our image gallery, please visit our product page.

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