CASE STUDY: Coon Rapids Fire Department Purchases Fire Station Alerting System

Note: The following fire station alerting system case study was originally developed by FireRescue GPO/NPPGov. View the PDF.

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Coon Rapids Fire Chief John Piper

Coon Rapids Fire Chief John Piper

When the Coon Rapids Fire Department needed a new fire station alerting system, Chief John Piper, wanted to be sure it was one that met their specific needs.

The department already had a system in mind but wanted a faster, more cost-effective way to get it than their normal RFP process.

With several other local fire stations recently updating their system, the fire department knew the station alerting system from US Digital Designs was the right fit.

“We wanted to ensure the product we received was what we wanted and would do the job,” Chief Piper said.

After speaking with US Digital Designs, the department looked into FireRescue GPO/NPPGov, a national cooperative purchasing program offering publicly solicited contracts to fire departments nationwide.

While Coon Rapids Fire Department was familiar with cooperative programs, they had never used FireRescue GPO/NPPGov before.

Further research showed they could save time and money without doing their own RFP so Chief Piper jumped at the opportunity to use the contract.

“It is so important that a Chief be able to pick the products of their choice and receive them in a timely manner. I was able to do that with FireRescue GPO/NPPGov and save taxpayer dollars. Everybody wins with this program,” Chief Piper said.

Coon Rapids Fire Department piggybacked off of the publicly awarded US Digital Designs contract through FireRescue GPO/NPPGov. The entire process was smooth and easy for the department.

“US Digital Designs was really easy to work with,” Chief Piper said.

Now, the department actively looks at other contracts available through the FireRescue GPO/NPPGov program and has become an advocate by recommending it to other departments.

Fire departments can access contracts for free. For more information and to register for the program, visit nppgov.com, email NPPgov or call +1-877-329-8847.


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