Working with CAD Providers

At US Digital Designs, we work with the leading industry and technology partners to provide our fire station customers with the right turn-key solution to meet their needs.

CAD Providers

We offer a native interface with these CAD providers for one or more Phoenix G2 clients:

  • Bell (Canada)
  • Caliber
  • Capita GD92
  • CentralSquare FDM
  • CentralSquare IMC
  • CentralSquare Positron
  • CentralSquare PSSI
  • CentralSquare Sungard HTE
  • CentralSquare Sungard OSSI
  • CentralSquare Tiburon TotalCommand
  • CentralSquare TriTech Enterprise
  • CentralSquare VisionAir
  • CentralSquare Zuercher
  • CentralSqure Tiburon CAD2000
  • CIS
  • Cyrun
  • eForce
  • Hexagon / Intergraph
  • ICS
  • ID Networks
  • Infor EnRoute
  • Keystone EPS
  • Motorola Flex / Spillman
  • Motorola PCAD
  • Motorola PremierOne
  • NorthropGrumman COBOL CAD
  • NorthropGrumman CommandPoint
  • ProPhoenix
  • ShieldWare
  • Southern Software
  • Symposium
  • Tyler (all in one)
  • Tyler NewWorld
  • Versaterm

We continuously develop other custom CAD provider interfaces, including the UK GD-92 standard.

CAD Partners

We do a considerable amount of software integration work with these computer-aided dispatch providers:

G2 VoiceAlert Automated Dispatching

See how the G2 VoiceAlert software assists dispatchers during an emergency call by assuming the task of reading computer-aided dispatch (CAD) information aloud.