Ramsey County, MN, upgrades 911 dispatch and fire station alerting systems to improve emergency response times

Metro Saint Paul Fire Stations Go High-tech with US Digital Designs’ Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System

PHOENIX – July 25, 2015 – With their recent acquisition of the high-tech, the metro... Read more

Download the FSA Mobile App on Google Play and iTunes

Did you know? The Phoenix G2 FSA Mobile App is now available on the Google... Read more
Scrolling fire station alert on the Phoenix G2 message sign

Minnesota press praises Ramsey County’s fire station alerting and CAD systems

It’s been said that there’s no such thing as bad press and we couldn’t agree... Read more

Understanding § 200.319 Competition, the New Fire Safety Federal Grant Regulation

There’s a strict new federal regulation in town and it’s called “§200.319 Competition.” Thanks to... Read more
The Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting app shown on an iPhone

The Impact of Mobile Technology on Firefighters and First Responders

Today’s mobile technology — smartphones, tablets and “phablets” — can you let you do almost... Read more
Firefighter uses Phoenix G2 ATX controller

Minnesota fire departments deploy Phoenix G2 fire station alerting technology

The fire departments in Saint Paul and Ramsey County, Minnesota, acquired new fire station alerting... Read more
The Phoenix G2 Communications Dashboard can dispatch fire crews from two cities simultaneously

Automatic Fire Aid Plan: USDD’s Clients Dispatch Fire Units from Two Cities

An Automatic Fire Aid Plan is the subject of a November 25th news broadcast and... Read more
Phoenix G2 Message SIgn

Emergency Response Times have Decreased by Nearly a Minute, says Howard County, MD’s Departing Fire Chief Bill Goddard

  In a December 3rd article from the Howard County Times, author Amada Yeager eloquently... Read more

USDD’s Station Alerting Customer in Texas Studies Firefighter Sleep Patterns

One of US Digital Designs’ Phoenix G2 fire station alerting system customers is the Cedar... Read more

US Digital Designs Enhances Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System with New Products

USDD’s FSA Mobile App and other new Phoenix G2 fire station alerting products help instantly... Read more
Virginia Beach Fire Department

Virginia Beach expanding new fire station alert system

This video originally aired on WTKR News Channel 3’s (Sept. 26) and is also available... Read more
How to write a RFP for a station alerting system

How to Write a RFP for a Fire Station Alerting System

If you’re like the majority of fire agencies we’ve interacted with, you’re required to put... Read more

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