ACT Emergency Services Agency Has Exceptional Emergency Response Times

At US Digital Designs, we’re grateful to see our one of our latest Australian client’s, ACT Emergency Services Agency, recognized by Australian government officials for leading the country in emergency response times for ambulance and firefighting personnel.

The ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA) is the ACT Government organization charged with providing emergency management services to the Canberra community. The ESA comprises the ACT Ambulance Service, ACT Fire & Rescue, the ACT Rural Fire Service, the ACT State Emergency Service and the ESA Support Services.

In 2014, the agency selected USDD’s highly regarded Phoenix G2 System as standard operating equipment for all stations in the ACT. Since then, USDD has partnered with Fujitsu Australia, Ltd. to upgrade all of ACT’s alerting systems across Australian territories.

Report Credits ACT for Top Emergency Response Times

Citing the results of a wide-ranging government report, Mick Gentleman, the Australian Minister for Police & Emergency Services, applauded the efforts of ACT paramedics and firefighters for registering extraordinary response times. Gentleman said:

“I congratulate every member of ACT Ambulance Services and ACT Fire & Rescue Service for their continued dedication to keeping the community safe.”

Gentleman added:

“The results are a credit to the professionalism of the women and men of both services, and the wider ACT Emergency Services Agency.”

The report was sweeping in its scope, examining the performance of service agencies across Australia in such areas as early childhood, education and training, justice, health, community services and housing and, of course, emergency management. The report covered emergencies for an entire year, from July, 2015 to July, 2016.

Gentleman’s additional reference to the ACT Fire & Rescue Service focused on that department’s record for having provided the best capital city and statewide response time for fire events.


With a focus on optimizing emergency response times, the increasing adaptation of US Digital Design’s emergency alerting systems by municipal, state and even federal safety agencies both here in the U.S. and in Australia is a source of great and continuing pride for all of us at USDD.




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