The G2 Sign Remote is a very simple, flexible and inexpensive peripheral, and can be hung anywhere near a digital message sign. Simply put, it shows an automated dispatch message on a digital LED message display board. The Remote is small in size, and supplies power, data and control to the LED message sign. It requires PoE input for power and data.

The device can be installed in a hidden ceiling area or mounted directly to the back of the LED message sign.

G2 Sign Remote Specifications

  • One PoE power and control output
  • Surface mount
  • Dimensions: 1.35″ x 3.07″ x 6″ (WxHxL)

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Check out the Phoenix G2 HDTV Remote, which displays dispatch information on a HDTV monitor, TV, video wall or projector.

View HDTV Remote

G2 HDTV Remote projects fire station alerts on HDTV screen


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