Phoenix G2 Message Sign

The Phoenix G2 Message Sign is by far the quickest way to understand critical details regarding an alert. It’s easy to install: just plug in the Power over Ethernet (PoE) cable and mount it over doorways or in hallways, kitchens, offices and app bays.
An ingenious use of the G2 Message Sign at a station in Glendale, AZ
ATX with Message Signs, shown both flush- and bracket-mounted

This stand-alone G2 Message Sign requires no additional power from the Sign Remote or Message Remote.

System administrators or the fire department can control the type of information displayed, scrolling speed, message length, etc.

Additionally, the sign can be configured to display dispatch information, turnout timer or unit status (with a capable CAD system).

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Click below to learn about USDD’s Phoenix G2 Room Remote, the all-in-one peripheral that provides the ability to easily add a unique alerting zone, such as dorm or bunkrooms, conference rooms and office areas.

View G2 Room Remote

Phoenix G2 Room Remote

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