The G2 HDTV Remote for Stations displays fire station dispatch information on a HDTV screen. This remote is another Phoenix G2 peripheral that provides firefighters and first responders with another means of visual alerting.

The G2 HDTV Remote ties directly into the G2 ATX Station Controller. All you need is an high-definition television and an HDMI connection. Then your local station alerts will be shown.

AboveTo the right is an example of how a fire station’s HDTV screen displays a visual alert. As you can see, this screen is shown with a black background and location map. It includes noteworthy information such as incident type (medical), the incident address and cross streets. The turnout time also appears in bright red.

AboveTo the right is an example of an HDTV screen with a white background. This shows the date and time, nature of the incident (e.g., allergic reaction), incident location and the unit required to respond (L202). There’s a large green turnout time counter.

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