During a dispatch alert, the G2 ATX Station Controller processes the alert at the fire station, and then returns an “acknowledgment” back to the G2 Communications Gateway located at the dispatch center. The ATX alerts any combination of room zones using individual lighting, messaging and volume control in each zone.

The ATX Station Controller stores the station configuration and alerting locations in memory. It can easily be configured and updated remotely through our encrypted Web interface, over a private network. The ATX computer features a secure, embedded oper­ating system that runs on a high-speed flash memory. It also has a touchscreen display for first responders to view station alerts.

G2 ATX Station Controller Interface

The fire department may add G2 peripheral devices (e.g., station alerting message signs, speakers and special lighting) to the Station Alerting System located at each fire station, as needed. These alerting devices can be integrated easily via a simple change to the Web configuration.

Station Settings page
Phoenix G2 atx station controller Area Settings screen
Phoenix G2 atx station controller status screen

Learn more about the Station Controller Interface, designed for IT systems administrators.

Fire station alerting mode benefits

Provides ramped, heart-saving alert tones, alerting first responders in a less startling manner. Learn more about sound safety for first responders →

Enables approved personnel to configure zones, schedules and alerting profiles, providing unprecedented control when managing personnel and assets during an alert.

Displays system status and last dispatch on 12-inch touchscreens, enabling users to confirm proper operation of the system and review dispatches for tracking and reporting purposes.

Allows approved personnel to control or reassign zoned alerts to units, when necessary, via an on-screen touch selection.

Has built-in single-tone, two-tone and DTMF paging decoding for integration with existing tone-based paging systems.

Offers remote configuration and software updates as well as remote USDD customer support.

Network and G2 peripheral benefits

Reduces dispatch-processing time by sending IP-based alert data over a high-speed network. The ATX can notify multiple stations simultaneously in less than a second.

Enables each ATX Station Controller to work with devices, such as doorbells, lighting, appliances, doors and gates via the G2 I/O Network.

Connects to rip-and-run printers so firefighters can take printout dispatch information with them in the apparatus.

Phoenix G2 ATX Station Controller Specifications

  • Eight Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports for zoned G2 peripherals
  • One local G2 Message Sign port
  • Audio inputs for dispatch radio, telephone intercom and auxiliary
  • VoIP audio input via network connection
  • Three configurable dry-contact inputs
  • Four Form-C relay outputs
  • Four 20-watt, 70-volt amplifier zones with Illuminated Speaker support
  • Line-level 600-ohm output for external amplifier (i.e., existing audio systems)

We’ve put together a short video to demonstrate how seamlessly the Phoenix G2 ATX Station Controller integrates with a fire station.

View station layout examples

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